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Thursday, December 01, 2005

SMB Strategy Cast #9 - Marketing Plan Part 2/Business Plan

  • Thursday, December 1, 2005

  • Podcast Description – Cover business strategy topics that pertain to startup, small and medium business.

  • Download or view Business Plan Outline

  • In this episode - Continue the discussion of the Business Plan, concentrating on Marketing Plan. Specifically - Marketing Plan from Business Plan vs. Marketing Strategy

  • Number 1 difference is “DETAIL” – Comsumer Packaged Goods (CPG)example from Episode #8 talked above the marketing plan as 2 pages. Marketing Strategy is all the detail on what is expressed in the plan and then some.

Two Examples of Expanding the Marketing Plan into a Marketing Strategy Doc:
  • Pricing – In marketing plan, talked about the keystone pricing strategy in a couple paragraphs. For Marketing Strategy, break down actually pricing for specific product lines. Some questions the Marketing Strategy answers that are not necessarily in the Marketing Plan: How will each product be priced to customers and what the goal is for pricing at retail? Will different customers or customer segments get different pricing?
  • Promotion – in marketing plan for the CPG startup, spend a couple paragraphs on couponing and in store circulars, but in the strategy you break down the schedule of what coupons and when, what in store circulars and when. Also, in a Marketing strategy you need to include a budget by month.

  • Podsafe Music at beginning at end of show was Chub Creek Music – “Episode 9 Fake Band Intro” (www.chubcreek.com). Link to Chub Creek on the Podsafe Music Network provided by the Podsafe Music Network at music.podshow.com.

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