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Monday, November 28, 2005

SMB Strategy Cast #8 - Marketing Plan Part 1/Business Plan

  • Monday, November 28, 2005

  • Podcast Description – Cover business strategy topics that pertain to startup, small and medium business.

  • In this episode - Continue the discussion of the Business Plan, concentrating on Marketing Plan.

  • Download or view Business Plan Outline

  • Walk through what should be included in the marketing plan from the business plan outline. Examples for Consumer Packaged Goods startup and a hospitality startup (restaurant or bed & breakfast).

Consumer Packaged Goods Company Sample:
  • Branding Strategy – brand identity, packaging, slogan
  • Promotion & Pricing – Promote the product and price at retail (keystone)
  • Target Market (Distribution) – Bricks N’ Mortar Retail Segments – Mass, Drug & Grocery
  • Product Forecast – 3 Years by quarter, by product line (Why 3 years?)

Hospitality Business Sample – B&B or Restaurant
  • Branding Strategy – same except now packaging is the restaurant or B&B itself (restaurant theme? VT B&B or for west coast wine country?)
  • Pricing – restaurant – menu, B&B – rooms & additional services (travel, hay rides, champagne & chocolate covered strawberries)
  • Promotion/Distribution – how do you get the name out. Location, chamber of commerce, yellow pages, Internet, AAA, etc.
  • Send Questions or Comments to podcast@bizplanhelp.com

  • Podsafe Jazz at beginning at end of show was Evan Tate "Round One" (www.evantate.com) provided by the Podsafe Music Network at music.podshow.com.

  • Download this Episode

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