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Friday, January 13, 2006

SMB Strategy Cast #12 - Business of Podcasting

  • Friday the 13th, January 2006

  • Podcast Description – Cover business strategy topics that pertain to startup, small and medium business.

  • In this episode - I am taking a couple episodes off from the discussion of the Business Plan and instead going to talk about the BUSINESS OF PODCASTING.

  • Specifically -
    o Why I got into podcasting - what my goals where and are.
    o What the business decisions where and my business strategy going forward.
    o I am going to spend some time on Search Engine Optimization SEO and my stats since starting the plan.

  • Why I got into Podcasting – a short timeline
    o October 2004 – I saw a one paragraph article in Business2.0 or Wired Mag on what’s hot mentioning Adam Curry and podcasting. So, I began downloading his podcast and eventually downloaded the ipoder lemon (now called juice) to automatically add Adam’s and other podcasts to iTunes.
    o January 2005 – I say to myself I can do this, afterall I am a former college radio DJ. I hooked a mic to my desktop and downloaded some freeware and recorded a test show The sound card was so bad it sucked, so I never got going. I continue to listen to other shows.
    o February 2005 – I start Eagle Strategy Group and setup www.eaglestrategygroup.com. Podcast put on the back burner.
    o August 2005 – I setup a 2nd web site bizplanhelp.com. To center on business plan resources and drive traffic back to eaglestrategygroup.com. Start spending more time on SEO.
    o September 2005 – podcasts are on itunes, I need to put together a podcast to sell my work and from an SEO standpoint get above noise. Since my tests earlier in the year I had received a Sony laptop and when I tested again the quality was good and it is what I am using today.
    o October 2005 – recorded and published my first Podcast.

  • Next episode - Goals for a business to get into pocasting as well as my web and podcast stats.

  • Podsafe Music at beginning of show was Chub Creek Music – “Episode 9 Fake Band Intro” (www.chubcreek.com). Link to Chub Creek on the Podsafe Music Network provided by the Podsafe Music Network at music.podshow.com.

  • Email questions and comments to – podcast@bizplanhelp.com

  • For help with your business plan, startup or strategy project, check outwww.eaglestrategygroup.com and www.bizplanhelp.com

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